muscle building programsWhen it comes to weight loss programs or diet programs, most of the time the niche market is geared towards women, and the men are left out, and left to their own devices to figure out not only had to lose weight, but also how to build lean muscle mass.

So while most programs LOOK like they are geared more towards women, these programs are actually unisex. Naturally, there will be exceptions to the norm such as the Venus factor, which is very clearly designed specifically and only for women. While they might be one or two others out there, gentlemen, about 98% of the time, these programs are easily adaptable for both men and women.

It will take a little bit of reading and research to find a program that is not just for weight loss, but is also designed to help with muscle building or building lean muscle mass. It’s just a question of sifting through online programs and using specific keywords to find the best program to suit your needs. Continue reading

boy stretching to get tallerBeing tall can be down to genetic factors but also being taller is related to your health and your environment. There are established ways that you can grow taller, one of which is a product called the grow taller 4 idiots program. This program discusses simple factors such as good nutrition, exercise and stretching.  If you have wondered why you are not tall this can be down to genetics and the height of your parents. Although this is a major reason for height determination it is not the only factor and sometimes a child can be considerably taller that both their parents. Sometimes being tall can be seen to be due to outside factors and certainly environment and nutrition and physical activity can all contribute to good growth.

Stretching can help to add extra inches and grow taller if performed on a regular basis. Stretching the various muscles and joints will help to give your body extra inches particularly when stretching out the spine and legs. Early morning and evening stretches will help to elongate the spine and improve flexibility in the joints, ligaments and muscles. At first you may not be able to stretch your back and legs very far but with regular practice you will see a noticeable difference in your height by stretching out. Continue reading

creams that increase breast sizeBreast enhancement with surgical procedures is not helpful for increasing the size of your breasts as it can be very painful, costly as well as invasive. You also have the option for selecting creams that can help in natural breast growth. Naturaful cream for breast growth is the best alternative to surgical procedures as it is made with 100% natural ingredients that help women to get the desired size and shape of their breasts.

The cream should be massaged on the breast for brining the fatty tissues in the particular area. It will help in increasing the bust line along with making your breast firmer and fuller. Apart from increasing the size of your breasts, Naturaful cream also helps in improving the shape of the breasts. It also helps you to get bigger and firmer breasts without any side effects. Continue reading

holiday destination cape townWith summer drawing to an engineer in Cape Town, and all the tourists are either heading back home or have already left, we Capetonians can now finally have our beloved city back. It also our favorite time of year because the worst of the summer heat has gone, making Cape Town weather far more comfortable. This time of the year (between February and April, and sometimes all the way through to August) is the perfect time for Capetonians to take their annual holiday.

This is because now that the Tories have gone, accommodation prices are more reasonable because it’s off-season. So leading off to the usual favorite destinations like the Garden Route and staying in any of the most amazing locations around, is easier on the pocket. Continue reading

grab a womans attentionIf you had to think back and reflect on the type of personality you were (and are) and if you had to be honest, you are probably the quiet type, and never drew attention to yourself and somehow always managed to fade into the background. As a result, you more than likely never had a date, because you never had the guts to talk to a girl, let alone ask somebody out. Truth be told, that’s pretty much what your adult life is like now to, right? If the answer is yes, then you will find something in this article that will help you. First, we are going to give you easy tips on how to attract female attention in a good way, and second we suggest you look into the Tao of Badass to get information on this book, which you seriously need in your life, as do about 98% of the male population.

First things first, what you need to do is step out of your comfort zone and try get out more and spend time with people, hopefully making a few friends along the way. By doing this you learn to interact with your peers, making it easier to get to know woman at the same time you don’t necessarily need to speak to girls at first, but at least other guys your age, to build a bit of confidence in yourself. From there you can take your time (not too much) and slowly start talking to women when you go out. Don’t be put off if by any chance you are rejected, instead, try to look at it as a “learning from your mistakes” point of view, which not only shows the strength of character, but also shows that you are not afraid to take risks, and ladies like that kind of thing. Continue reading

learn woodworkingIf you are about to begin doing woodworking projects from home, then you should be aware of some important safety tips before starting.

You should always Enjoy your wood working hobby but make sure that you are following some safety guidelines. Not thinking about safety when constructing with wood and tools can result in chances of injury. Never take short cuts and do tasks in a rush. Have enough time to complete a piece of work that you have decided to undertake.

It is recommended that you get a firm understanding of woodworking before attempting it on your own. A great resource to learn woodworking from home can be found at this woodworking review site.

One of the most important rules in woodworking is to ensure that you are wearing the right safety equipment Hearing protection is important when you are subject to very noisy electric tools such as sanders and routers. Latex gloves are a good idea for applying finishes to wood and smoothing surfaces. Safety glasses should be worn when you begin to work with wood tools due to splinters of wood flying off and potential risk of penetrating the eye. Get into the habit of putting safety glasses on and not taking them off until leaving the woodwork area. Continue reading

obesity-in-scoietyBecause we live in a “fat society”, it makes perfect sense and is perfectly understandable why there are so many diet programs and weight loss programs and products available today, and every day more and more are “invented”. And while that might seem like a good thing, in reality it only complicates things for those people who are really serious about trying to lose weight, but want to go about it in a safe way and avoid dangerous diets.

This article is aimed at helping people make it a little easier to wade through the endless list of programs designed for fat loss and fast weight loss. While it is impossible to even mention every single weight loss program or diet by name, we shall cover a few and go into a little bit of detail for each one.

First is the Fat Loss Factor, and the very first point of call is what is the fat loss factor all about? As with most programs, the fat loss factor is a diet plan that is probably better described as a “weight loss course”. This is because the program runs for twelve weeks only and was designed basically as a once off program. It’s not the type of diet that can, or should be used over a long period of time or even indefinitely. In a nutshell, the diet plan revolves around three basic concepts (according to the website). Continue reading

attain great vision naturallyAs we begin to grow older, our body begins to wear down and becomes weaker. One of the main body parts that can be affected hugely is our eyes. Some people find that they begin to notice their eyesight weakening even when they are children and only gets worse as they grow up. In this day and age one can correct their vision by opting for eye correction laser surgery, although this can be pretty expensive, not to mention a frightening ordeal to go through.

Before deciding on surgery you might want to check out a product that is called vision without glasses. Vision without glasses is an eBook that claims to correct ones eyesight and attain good vision holistically. The book contains a step by step plan to follow and suggest that it should be followed for two months to see effective results.

The eBook was written by a man named Duke Paterson and follows certain instructions that DR bates had previously written about, whereas he suggested that by following certain eye exercise techniques one could potentially heal the eyes and improve vision. Continue reading

Improve Eyesight with Home-Remedies

Eyesight is a gift that we should never take for granted. When we lose it, the world ceases to feel and look the same. However, there are many demands that we place on your eyesight. This era of technology has forces all of us to use technological gadgets to perform our daily functions. While the gadgets make life easier, they also place a tremendous strain on our eyes, which leads to poor vision without glasses.

You can correct your eyesight using contact lenses, glasses, and surgery. However, these options should be used when others have been exhausted. Improving eyesight naturally should be your first priority. Doing so may end up saving you plenty of money that you would otherwise have used for the advanced solutions.

1. Change your diet

You are indeed, what you eat. The kinds of foods that you consume will affect your vision as well as other aspects of your health. If you have eyesight problems, then you need to eat foods that enhance the health of your eyes.

Some of the nutrients that you should consume include vitamin A, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, sulphur, zinc, lutein, and antioxidants. These nutrients are responsible for boosting eye health, preventing inflammation of the eyes, preventing cataract formation, and preventing macular degeneration. All these ensure that you maintain good eyesight into your old age. Continue reading

weight loss tips

With our fast paced lifestyles, it can be a bit of a trial when it comes to eating healthy and eating home-cooked meals. These days, in most households both parents work full-time jobs, and this leaves very little time for things like going to the gym, doing proper shopping and cooking healthy meals every night. So it is no surprise that because of this, a lot of us fall into the trap of opting for take outs or convenience meals there are simply “heat and eat”. Naturally, this is not the healthiest way of eating, and when you add into the equation the fact that there is no time for getting to the gym, this is a recipe for disaster and a fast track to obesity.

For those kinds of people who simply do not have the time to follow a strict and structured weight loss program, there is a solution. The cruise control diet is a great way to incorporate healthy eating into a busy lifestyle because it simply does not follow the conventional “rules” of most weight loss programs. While this post will cover a very small portion of the cruise control diet program as well as offer a few alternate ideas, for full information and reviews, check out the cruise control diet reviews page. Continue reading

campsbay beach capetownCape Town was voted the best holiday destination worldwide by TripAdvisor, and it’s easy to see why because of its year-round good weather and the fact that there are loads of things to do and see in this extremely popular city. Cape Town is well known for its beaches and of course its landmark, Table Mountain. The adventure activities on offer by the tour companies in this city, have been rated as some of the best in the world. However, the tour guides (and all the travel books) will tell you and show you the most obvious things to do in Cape Town, however if you want to make sure that this holiday is something that you and your family will remember for ever, then how about stepping off the beaten path and take the road less traveled. At least this way, your holiday will be something you will remember for years to come. So in order to ensure this is a holiday of a lifetime, here are a few tips and ideas to make this holiday memorable.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have planned in advance. By planning ahead, you then are able to find accommodation that meets yours and your family’s needs. Bear in mind that rates vary depending on the season, so it is a smart move to look for specials especially during off peak season, because you will find most hotels and bed and breakfasts offer special rates during off peak seasons. So unless you have booked well in advance, you will find it difficult to secure a booking during peak season, especially during the December through February months. I have this sorted out in advance, you are free to figure out what you can do when you actually arrive.

Another thing you could do is to arrange to take a tour when you visit Cape Town. This is especially great if it’s your first time visiting since guided tours are a great way to see the most well-known places, and even some of the lesser-known areas of Cape Town. Great to accompany to try would be Cape Tours. By using a tour company that is well established, and well-known, you can be assured you will get your money’s worth while going on a township tour where you can learn about different cultures and traditions of the area, and see places like the Cape Winelands and visit some of the more historical monuments. Continue reading

wilderness-trainOne of the many reasons South Africa is such a beautiful country is because of what’s fondly known as “the Cape”, which also includes the well-known Garden Route, which is a magnificent stretch of coastline that will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It truly is an example of nature’s most truest, most beautiful and purest form.

Nestled into this beautiful wilderness you’ll find a stretch of road that runs through it, with some of the most gorgeous and luxurious accommodation available in the country, or even the world. One such location along the Garden Route is a truly stunning tiny and precious town called Wilderness.

The wide array of types of accommodation available to satisfy any requirement is quite amazing; you’ll find bed & breakfasts, self-catering chalets and even houseboats available, so you’ll likely find anything you’re looking for. The houseboats in Knysna are a prime example of an extremely popular form of accommodation available along the Garden Route, and they’re great for couple “break-aways”, to relax and unwind from city life and just enjoy and appreciate each other and each other’s company. There’s few better places to be alone and to re-ignite some romance. Continue reading

cure-your-acneAcne is a condition of your skin where hair follicles under the skin become easily blocked with an excess amount of oil and dead skin cells. This then leads to the unsightly acne that composes of numerous spots and boils and sore areas of skin. Acne can occur anywhere on your body but is most commonly seen and appears on the facial areas, neck chest and back and shoulders. Acne is distressing to have has it affects your feelings of self esteem and can cause negative emotional feelings. Acne no more is a way of treating your acne that has show to have had positive results and is a popular product.

Acne is related to the time around puberty where there are surges of hormones that are linked and said to be related to having acne. Where acne occurs there is an excess amount of sebum or oil that is normally available on the skin but is produced in larger amounts than is the norm. At the same time there is also more shedding of dead skin cells that result in the blocking of your hair follicles. When combined they all provide the ideal home that will allow for any bacteria to grow and build up.

Acne is visible to the human eye and often appears in a number of different forms. White heads and blackheads are formed first and appear on the surface of the skin when the follicles become blocked. Sometimes whitebeards and blackheads are referred to as comedones. When there is a dark appearance that is seen they are known as blackheads because of that reason. When comedones are just slightly raised they are known as whiteheads. Continue reading

venus-factor-girl-working-outWith the so many more people being or getting fat every year, it is no real surprise how well the diet industry is doing. Supplement manufacturers and distributors are doing massively well and making millions off of gullible and unsuspecting people who are desperate to lose weight, and some of them, at any cost. The food industry is partly to blame for this, but sometimes our genes play a role too. If there is a long line of family members who suffer from weight related issues and obesity, then it stands to reason that you may also be affected by this pandemic. On the other hand, we cannot stand quietly by and simply blame our family history or the media for our weight problems. We can do something about it too.

So instead of complaining about our weight issues and all the related problem that go hand in hand with being overweight, we need to actually take some responsibility for ourselves and how we live and eat. There are so many different options open to us now day that there is really no excuse anymore. And money should not even be an issue or a factor, not when our health is at risk. Some of the things we can do to take back the control over our weight are going to support groups, going to the gym, going to the doctor and asking for medical help and advice, prescription weight control and or appetite control medications from out doctors, visiting a dietician, weight watchers or even intermittent fasting with a program called Eat Stop Eat. You can also try get a lovely feminine figure with the Venus factor diet.

The nice thing about the Venus factor diet is that it is this awesome program that has been specifically designed for women and has a workout program and eating plan included. This is the kind of thing that men will never benefit from, so sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies only. Another great thing about it is that it is not some crazy fashion diet that is going to make you stop eating fats, sugars, dairy and any starch for any specified period of time. Those types of “diets” are insane to try, so avoid them. Continue reading

Adonis-Couple-romancing-on-the-beachThere are so many men today who have simply let themselves go. They no longer look after themselves and look…grotty. Putting on clean undies and a clean shirt does not a good looking man make! Oh no! Take it from a woman’s perspective, there is a lot that women look for and a lot of it is on the surface. So if have deluded yourself into thinking you can find a woman willing to look fast your appearance (grotty) and “see your wonderful personality”, dream on.

I would say that 80% of women are honest enough to say that even though she wants a man who is a nice guy who is also considerate and kind, she also wants him to look at least half way decent. Look at it this way guys, would you ask a woman out on a date who is obviously overweight and makes no real effort to look nice? Well, we have standards too. Most of us are not shallow and don’t mind a little padding, but come on! When you look pregnant and have bigger boobs that her, you hair is untidy and greasy and your fingernails are dirty and long, do you honestly think your personality will shine through enough to win her over? Get real! Like I said, 80% of us do in fact want a gut to look good and have a nice body too. The Adonis golden ratio review is a good place to go and get a look at what women want in a man’s body shape.

Most women hate that over inflated, bulky muscular look on a man. Think Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was younger and Mr Universe. That’s gross actually. We ladies do not like that look at all. What we prefer is a body like Hugh Jackman in Australia and as the Wolverine. Even Matthew McConaughey or Paul Walker. That is the perfect body! Oh boy! Those broad shoulders and that trim waist and hips that taper off into that V that disappears into those low slung jeans…the golden ratio. Look it up gentlemen. That’s how women like their men to look. Not potbellied in dirty jeans and no shirt, moobs and black crusted nails. That goes for toes too! Continue reading

lose-weight-fastFat! That’s what most of society is today. If not fat then seriously obese! Are you one of these people? Don’t want to be anymore? Then check out eat stop eat reviews for a not so new but revised method of fasting as a way to lose weight. Not only is it revised, but it is completely sustainable. This means no more dieting or crash dieting. No more completely cutting entire food groups out of your diet for however long it takes you to lose enough weight to feel halfway good about yourself again. And as soon as you attain your goal weight, you can start eating normally again, only to not so slowly pack on all that fat again. Sound good? Then go check it out because it really is worth a try if like me, you have tried just about every diet and shake, pill, injection or “fat melting” supplement on the market, and failed.

Let’s say you tried eat stop eat and found you don’t like fasting, even if it is just for a day or two every week. Big deal. I like food too. Maybe too much, but certainly not enough to want to walk around looking like Good Year blimp! (By the way, if you have no idea what a Good Year blimp is, then you are too young for weight loss programs anyway.)

Here’s the thing; there is no one cure all for fatness that fits everyone. It needs to be customized to your needs. What works for me probably will never work for you or 10000 others. The best ideas I can give you on how to lose weight fast is to try out a few different things and don’t give up. Below I will give a few tips and ideas on weight loss that you can try, but no promises! Continue reading

panic_attackNot many people will truly understand the horrific nightmare that exists daily for those of us who  suffer anxiety attacks.  We try to explain to them why it scares us, how our pulse races, and we can’t quite get enough air into our lungs, how we feel oppressed by an unseen weight on our chests, and why we can’t cope with this.

Thanks to many Panic Away reviews, it has become clear that not only are we not alone, but that there are those of us no longer suffering from this affliction.  What we fear during panic attacks are the constructs of our own minds, and nobody knows our minds better than we do.  We create disastrous results, what if’s and drown ourselves in a misery of our own making and yet we can’t seem to break the chain of events that leads us to a full blown attack.

Sufferers with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) have lost friendships, relationships and sometimes even their jobs trying to handle something that only they can feel.  Even an attempt to explain to someone else what it feels like falls short, because nobody else could possibly understand what it is like to live a day in your shoes, they are not the sum of your own life’s experiences, and have not witnessed all the challenges you have had to face and overcome.  Nobody is qualified to give any advice on the matter, because of this simple irrefutable fact.

That leaves only you to take care of something that is completely debilitating and makes you feel entirely helpless.  Only you know yourself well enough to control the causes of anxiety as they apply to you personally.  Identify what your trigger is, and do find people you can talk to about it, whether through a journal, or a support group, even going to a therapist.  Listening is what they do, and getting it heard, and out of yourself is a big step to healing.  A support group can give feedback, and make it feel less lonely knowing that others are also going through this.  That’s where the extent of the real outside help can come in.  Believing that a pill, or a mantra will be your happily ever after cure for this is just giving yourself a crutch that cannot hope to last as life continues to batter away at your core.

Some people prefer taking the easy way out of their anxiety and taking a pill a few times a day, or when they feel that an attack is forthcoming, but the man made compounds in any pills can come with sometimes harmful side effects.  Learning yoga can be helpful for a few reasons.  First, it’s a form of exercise, and by the release of endorphins from our body, we can expect to feel good from having done it.  Second, it teaches meditation and focuses on how our body feels down to our last bone, and in order to tackle anxiety, we must first be able to recognize it within ourselves. Continue reading

healthy fastingSo you have tried every diet on the market, and maybe even invented a few new ones yourself in an attempt to lose weight? You do your due diligence and go to the gym at least 3 times a week. You drink at least two litres of water a day and stay away from sodas and fruit juices. You avoid sugars and sweets and even cut back on carbs a lot, not entirely because you KNOW you will crave, but enough that it should count, right? Yet you still cannot get rid of that extra weight. Now on top of all this you feel stressed and lethargic too! Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s frustrating when you do everything right but still can’t seem to shift the weight off, and now you are feeling lousy to boot. Fear not, for there is a solution. If you have done all the above mentioned (over and over again) and even visited your doctor, checked your thyroid and had every blood test done known to man, the keep reading to learn about something NOT so new, but not so well known either…

It’s called eat stop eat, or in plain English, intermittent fasting. Now whenever someone mentions fasting, images go through your mind of days starving with no food allowed, but this is not what intermittent fasting is all about. The keyword here is “intermittent”. So let’s break it down a bit more, and then go into how this can help you lose that stubborn weight that just won’t budge, no matter what you do.

In layman’s terms, intermittent fasting is simply choosing one day out of seven, and fasting for only 12 hours at a time. You do this until you are used to going for several hours without food. Then you bump it up to 24 hours out of every 7 days. It is very important to remember to drink lots of water while you fast as this helps keep hunger under control better, but is also essential for hydration! Keep this up for a few weeks, and when you can handle a day without food comfortably, step it p again and fast for 2 days. Do not exceed 3 days however, as you will force your body into starvation mode and you will hit a plateau, meaning you will stop losing weight again. Coffee, tea and other sugar free beverages are allowed while fasting, but try stay away from whole milk. Rather stick to fat free or skim milk instead during your fasting periods.

Now, the big question is how does eat stop eat help you lose weight? First thing to remember is that you must continue to exercise while fasting, and if you have yet to begin working out, now would be the time to start. Working out, especially weight training is brilliant while fasting as it burns off fat stores instead of any sugars and carbohydrates being consumed. A lot of body builders swear by this, although, there are a those who believe that fasting while bodybuilding is not advised, the jury is still out on this one. As for the rest of us mere mortals, training and fasting is the way to go for optimal fat loss.

Continue reading

garden-routeIf you plan to visit the Garden Route area of South Africa you can have an exciting holiday. Wilderness is an excellent area to stay on your trip, and the scenery itself is worth the visit. Wilderness accommodation selections are excellent and you can stay in a four star guest house with all the modern conveniences that you require. This part of the world has many fine tour packages to consider. Here are a few South Africa tours that you may wish to take.

If you would like to get some fresh air and exercise on holiday, consider a walking tour. The Kynsna Forest is not far from Wilderness and features a wide variety of tour packages. Maybe you would like to commune with nature on your holiday. Consider one of the many walking tours of this region.

There are four elephant walks that you may take. If you wish to spend the day in the forest, you might take one walk after the other (two total). The shortest walk is seven kilometers and longest one is fifteen kilometers. These walks are like taking a trip back into the past to the old forest rail line or visiting some of the centuries old yellowwood trees. You will encounter a wide variety of vegetation and birds, as well as baboons. These elephant walks are not extremely demanding and if you have some degree of fitness, you should not have any problems.

Maybe you want something that is easy on you. The Millwood Mines Circuit is a good choice. It takes about two and one half hours and covers six kilometers. You can see some abandoned mine shafts where gold was once mined, and many things that are part of the history of this region. You will experience waterfalls and many beautiful forest sights. During your tour you have the chance to see a mining museum and an abandoned village that time has forgotten and nature is slowly re-claiming.

South Africa holidays are cheaper with Cape Tours

Continue reading

girl-with-cellphone-300pxBut in order to do that, you need to know what it is. In a nutshell, it’s all about learning how to text a woman and make her want you through texts. Sounds a little strange, right? Well think about it. We live in this new technologically advanced age, where using technology is the way most people communicate these days. 20 years ago, using a phone was only for emergencies and keeping in touch with family who lived too far away to visit easily. These days, people text each other from across the house or even while sitting in the same room, instead of just talking to each other anymore. It’s almost depressing how we gravitate more towards our cell phones and tablets and lap tops instead of using our vocal cords to communicate anymore. So this is how magnetic messaging came about; by using this technology to help the poor hapless guy who would usually stutter and mumble his way through a conversation and teach him to use texting as a “safe” way of communication with the opposite sex.

Ok so now you understand better what it is, so now let’s do a magnetic messaging review.

Anyone can text. It’s about knowing what to type that’s the key here. The aim is to gain the self-confidence to eventually walk up to a woman and talk to her without sounding (and feeling) like a bumbling fool. There are a few rules to keep in mind and this article will give you the DO NOT’S of texting to win (and keep) the affections and attention of a woman.

Number 1 is never behave in a needy way. In other words, do not send her 20 or 30 texts a day giving her a blow by blow of your day, or asking what she is doing now. Also, if she does not answer immediately, do not freak out and send a string of texts asking why she is not answering you. Try to remember that she also has a life and a job and friends, all of which will take up some of her time. So relax!

Number 2: Avoid sending cute texts. You will come across as a bit of a girly-boy, and that is definitely not sexy! Sending pictures of kittens, ducklings and puppies is a sure way to land you in the friend zone…if you are lucky! It may result in the dead zone. This means being completely frozen out. Remember that she wants a man, not a sappy wimp. Continue reading